Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Rendevous: "An evening with Productivity"

This weekend i went to an event organized by a non profit group called YIG.... there Facebook page is this: Mashallah the work they do for the community are commendable and i would urge you guys to take part in such activities....

     They had held an evening called "productive Muslim Saudi seminar" at the Jeddah chamber of commerce. They had invited a speaker named Mohammed ......... founder and CEO of productive Muslim website that aims in providing Muslims tips and information on how to become a productive member not just for themselves but for the society and Muslim Ummah too.

        The venue was 11th floor of Jeddah chamber of commerce. The room had beautiful Saudi Traditional Décor. We were provided with our name tags, a copy of the slides, copy of some very interesting articles and recommendations. The seminar kick started at around 5:30 pm. It was an open event for male, female and kids who can follow what the speaker is talking about.

       We discussed about

  • physical productivity
  • spiritual productivity
  • focus management
  •  beating procrastination

   During the seminar there were sooo many times that you would feel that he is talking about your life. How we have made our lives "look busy" kind without having any productive meaning to it. How we are leading it in the complete opposite of what the Quran and Sunnah tells us about our lives.

All in all it was an extremely useful seminar. Have i changed my lifestyle.... NO.... not yet ... but the Seminar definitely gave me tools through which i do hope to bring in the positive changes in my life as well as in the lives of people around me INSHALLAH......

Please do check out their face book page:

They hope to do more of these kind of seminars and i hope to attend them and would ask you guys to join too....  

Keep watching the space..... more good things on its way :)

Some shots of our beloved Jeddah from 12th floor of the building :P..... It looked Amaziiinggggggg :)

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