Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jeddah, Part 3 Fantasy Stationery

When we were growing up Jeddah and Ksa in general were also growing up. So we didnt have much to go around. Yes we had the Abhur and the cornich and AL-Baik ( cant forget that ). But Jeddah has definetly come a LOOOONNG way now. With the BIG malls, Great eatery, fun cafe's the list is endless.

Among one of these places is Fantasy Stationary (rawail Maktabat). It basically is for kids. From 3 to maybe 12. When I first visited the place i was sooooooo jealous of the kids now enjoying in Jeddah. I mean we didnt have anything like that growing up. It actually is a fun place. Its Beautiful to look at. For adults, There is a Boutique, Very nice clothes may i tell but with hefty price tags. There is a furniture shop. And of course a Stationery.

The buiding has three floors. You will find the stationery in the basement. The boutique, furniture shope and gift wrapping center at the ground level. On the First floor there are many activity rooms, 2 party halls.

The First Floor activites are mostly fro children 3 to 6. They have an art room, Craft room, Sand room, Kitchen ( childern were actually cooking with helpers ofcourse), Profession Center with fire engine, an ambulance. Each activity was individually priced ( ver very reasonable). parents or nany were not allowed inside the activity room but the rooms were visibly by glass walls. so you can actually see what your little ones are upto. What i liked about these rooms were that eevrything was child sized. like the frniture in the arts room, craft room and kitchen was small. realy small so the kids could handle them themselve.really nice.

NO good photographs of the rooms because taking pics was not allowed. sorry

The top floor has Activites for a little Older kids. The activites includes fishing, Go carting, somekind of a shooting gallery, which looked awesome.

Apart from these Great activites The Place has some Water fun as well. Well some is an understatement. It has a BIG water park with it. It has seperate pools for the kiddies, A wav maker. BIG slide. and lots lots of FUN. Good way to cool off in the summmer.

My kid was a little small to try any of these activities. But if your kids fall in the age range please do go and enjoy, Its fun, Educational and fun again.


  1. Any idea how much the water park costs? I cant find that info anywhere on the net. Also do you have their phone number by any chance?