Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fashion Wednesday: Revamp your Abaya

Today's Fashion Wednesday is all about Jazzing up your plain old abayas. These days the jersey abayas are quite in fashion, but most of them are simple. They work well for everyday errands and strolling the malls.But if you have a party to go to where we cant take our abayas off or a little coffee morning where we would love to be a little more then just simple and plain. For those occasions you can turn your abayas from plain old boring to completely bedazzling in just a few moments and without spending more then 20sr which is the way the desi's love to work cheap, quick and fabulous.

so these are some of the things we need to jazz up our look. 

It consist of an earring, one crystal broach, some random buttons and thread and needle

So tranformation no1.

You can easily attach the earring to the sleeves of the abaya using a thread and needle and sew it on. You can attach them with safety pins as well for less permanent look and easy removal.

In this one the crystal broach has been attached to the center of the abaya for a little bedazzling. It changes its look completely. And now you have one abaya and two looks for it. More broaches can be added to acheive a more formal look like for a wedding or something.

In short all your lost earring counterparts can be useful now. Just play around with the looks a little and have fun. Will keep you posted with more transformations in the future. 



  1. I have really thought about this a lot. You would save so much money. Thanks for the great article sis.

    1. Jazakallah..... So y don't u give it a g urself r if u have already plzz share an after nd before look with us.... And thnku for appreciating the article...really appreciate it :)!!

  2. Asalamu alaikum!

    I just wanted to let you know that this post was featured on my blog post: "10+ ways to customise your Abaya!" {}
    Take care :)