Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Rendezvous: Having fish In Jubail.

My husband and I are seafood lovers, And we are always in search of places where we can have good food, at a good price. A while back the hubby bought me fresh Hamour fillet which were really good. He had a friend who took him to Jubail for some bussiness and they ended up having one of the best fish they had ever had. So obviosly a family trip was planned.

The place is the Jubail Fish Market. Jubail is about 92 Km from Khobar. I had visited the Jubail Industrial city twice before. The corniche at the Industrial city is really beautiful and I really enjoyed shopping in the Fanateer Mall. But this time we were headed to the main city of Jubail. To the Fish Market. I know it sounds weird but you will get the freshest fish from there and you can choose what you eat. They have a huge variety from Najil, Hamour, Shrimps, calamari, crabs and what not.  

Step one is to buy the fish from the shops.
Step two: there are little kitchens there among the fish shops which will cook the fish for you. They give you a number of options in which you can have your fish cooked. Grilled, fried, baked. You have the option of buying a variety of cooked Rice from there as well. which is really good. The only draw back to all this is that you dont get to eat the deliciouness right away. You have to pack it all up and drive to the Jubail corniche (different one from the industrial city, you can ask for directions from the fish market), which is at a 5 min drive from the fish market and have a picnic.

The corniche is beautifully made, with restrooms, a cafeteria and a masjid near by. Its clean, green and beautiful. 

It has a small area with play swings for kids as well. 

Some unwanted guests might also join you. but for me and my son that was most fun part. Feeding the cats.

All in its an experience. It is not the usual wine and dine but really worth it none the less.

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