Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monday Rendevous: Fun in the Sun

Last weekend I took my first cruise trip in the Red Sea... I have been in Red Sea for boating, jet ski and even once crossed it to go to the Egypt but this time around it was different. 
The cruise was arranged by a group of young adventurers that goes by the name of Jeddah Backpacks and they keep on arranging different kind of activities and events all year round. One of the very good things i like about them is that they try to have these events for a cause, be it helping cancer patient, or helping needy ppl in and around Jeddah. 

                                                                 Cruise  for a Cause - Help the poor in Makkah 

We set out on the adventure quite early in the morning.... Meeting point was at Marsa Alahlaaam around 6 am.. And for our own surprise we managed to get there by 6.15am.. Now i had seen this Marsa Alahlaam  place from outside but never had a chance of going inside and  believe me its quite a sight... Lets just say i wouldn't recommend any single ladies to ever go there on their own :)....
We boarded the ship and almost around 8.00am we started our journey into the red sea. Before we started we all signed a liability clearance paper since many of the ppl on board were going to swim, scuba dive and dive.  

Popped in some sea sickness tablets and away we gooo!!! 

 It took us almost 1 hour to get to the spot for diving but then i think it took us another 45 min. to get the right location where the anchor could reach the ground properly.

 Since i don't know how to swim ( nd trust me i have tried learning many times :S) , there was no chance of me going anywhere near the water... But seeing other ppl all geared up and excited to go into the sea, made up for my disappointment of not being able to do these activities :) I did see lots of jelly fish though so i am counting that as looking into the sea ;)!!        

 The weather was perfect.... beautiful sea breeze... shining sun.... relaxed atmosphere.... away from your hustling bustling thoughts.. just pure peace.... For a moment i thought how amazing it would feel to wake up every day to this feeling..... but then the thought of the deadly sea based movies like Jaw, deep blue sea...even Titanic was enough for me to wish back for my land life :)      

 We stayed in the sea for almost 2 hours and had plans of going to another location and try our hands on some fishing but for some reason we couldn't do that.

We got back to the dock around 3.00pm. It was a really nice experience... filled with good company and good food. I do hope to be among those who went in the sea and not just watched other ppl doing all the fun stuff but for now i am content with what i was able to do :)....  

     This is the link through which i get to know about these events... 
I do hope that all of you who are here for long time or short get to experience the Red Sea 
this way....  

Keep watching the space.....more good things on its way :)                      

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