Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fantasy Stationery Is Here

I know i know the celebration is a little late on the arrival of the Fantasy Stationery as they opened there gates in January in the Amwaj Mall. But I went to go to the place just last week so i am celebrating it now. We have written about the Fantasy Stationery in Jeddah here. It is almost the same minus the beautiful decorated building, you will find in Jeddah.

The rest however, you will find here as well. It houses the beautiful stationery with there lovely and purely out of this world wrapping and decorative paper. They have the furniture as well. It is a little expensive but oh so lovely to gawk look at.

But the best thing that gets me giddy with excitement is the kids Activity Center on their top floor. When I first saw that the stationery was coming to town I was thinking no way they will have the Activity center here. But they have.

They have everything from Chocolate Making, Cooking, Art Center, Sand box, Climbing and shooting galleries, Boat riding. And one more thing that i haven't seen in the Jeddah's Stationery the 0-12 months center where mums can accompany their child. YEAHHHHHHHHHH.....

The activities in the Fantasy Stationery cost 15-30 Sr. They have helpers once the kids are inside the centers. The rooms have glass walls and have stools out side the rooms so the parents can see their kids doing  and enjoying their activities. They have party rooms and a cafe as well. One of the best place for the kids to go have some fun both physical and a little creative when the summer comes rolling and the sun is beating down here.

I dont have any pics because it wasnt allowed to take em, but we have some of the Jeddah Stationery here.
Some pictures and the map to the Stationer in Amwaj Mall here.

Have fun.