Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A child First Steps

My son just started a summer camp. Its his first ever school setup. He is 4. I know its very late by some standards for a child to go to school or any such place, but to me it felt right. It is taking him some time to adjust to being around strangers and a new environment without his mother. Yes he is taking his time. If I agree to the policy of the many schools  (and the one he is attending) here of how the child settles in his new environment is not the point of this post. Its going to be a rant and i want to dedicate a special place for that.

What i want to share with the world right now are my little soldier first steps to being independent. Yes i know very well he started taking them as soon as he was out of my lap and on to the floor crawling away from me. But they were still in his own world, familiar to him, known to him, around the people he trusted and cared for and knew were there to hold him if he fell. But this time he took his steps out in the world that is foreign, strange and scary.

These first steps are indeed like the ones Armstrong took on the moon.One small step for the rest of the world. Big Giant leaps for my Baby and Me. Yes me as well. The thought of writing this post came to me because i am sitting here on my computer since the time he has gone wondering what he will be doing? Is he happy? Is he Sad? Is he enjoying the work the school is giving him?? Is he comfortable with what he is dealing with? and just then it strikes me. This is what my mom must be doing since i went to school ( shorter period of time) then college (slightly longer time), Uni ( much longer) and finally married and no longer with her. Today i completely understand what my mom goes through and has been going through all her life.

My child has taken his steps toward the world. Exploring and learning from it alone. I know as a parent thats my biggest job. To prepare my child for this world. But how hard it is for the parent, who has dedicated all his thoughts and time for his child. Does the worry ever goes away? Does the parents ever stops wondering what my child is doing? How is he doing? I am hoping and praying that my son will not take a lot of time settling in to this new change in his life but i wonder if I ever will?

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