Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Out And About: Jeddah, Creativity is contagious, pass it on :)

If only I could get this creativity bug too, I can be one very happy gal. Ever since I was young, I have always been drawn to art and creative media in different shape and form. Even studied it for an year in my college time, but sadly till to this day I probably can't even draw to save my life :(

Knowing my limitations I moved on to appreciating and enjoying other people's creativity. I think art is an incredible medium which sadly gets neglected or not even considered when we are thinking about our own or our children's future occupation. It has way more option comparing to the science subjects.

Its a medium that can evoke many different feelings, emotions and reactions in different people. Art is quite a personal subject where each person may look at the creation in there own light.

Before this day I wasn't able to enjoy my art appreciation hobby in Jeddah due to not knowing much about Saudi artists or art galleries here. But then behold, JAW happened this year. JAW stand for Jeddah art week. If you live in Jeddah I am pretty sure you must have come across there advertisement on the roads, on social medias and newspapers. Its there 2nd year promoting art of Saudi as well as non Saudi artists, which I highly applaud. To know more about it you may check there website.

The main events have been finished but the exhibitions are still around for a few months. I recently checked two of the galleries exhibiting some of Saudi artists work. One gallery is in Gold Moor centre situated next to Souq Al Shatee and the other one called Ayyam gallery is on the 3rd floor of Bougainvillea center, next to Stars Avenue mall. Below are few of the pictures that I liked in the exhibitions. The pictures do no justice so I would highly recommend to take some time out in your evening and check these places.


This was one of my favorite in Ayyam gallery. Its one good recycling art piece. Look closer and you would know that this art piece has been achieved by using your kitchen essentials, " colanders and drainers". Never in the world would I have imagined to turn my colander into such mesmerizing art piece.


This exhibition was the bigger one of the two. It had many more pieces. We really enjoyed this exhibit. On entering the exhibit we were presented two really nicely printed coffee table books with the artworks displayed in the exhibition and excerpts written by the artist themselves .The artist explained their art and a little about themselves. We actually bumped into one of the curator of the exhibition, which was a really nice and informative coincidence. She was friendly and answered any of the queries we had about the pieces displayed. To know the full details about the exhibition and the people behind, do pay a visit to their website. It has info about their other projects and upcoming events as well, including a really nice info about the exhibits name 21,39. The exhibitions are a really nice place for an evening out with your kids too.  

Some of the pieces from the exhibit 21,39.

This one was one of my favorite at the 21,39 exhibition. Its been created by PVC duct tape. Even my nephew was attracted to this piece a lot and has requested  his mother if they can do something similar with the duct tape. I will be waiting for his master piece now.

Ever thought of displaying your not so good looking pots, here is a chance to get inspired ;)

Another one of my favorite piece. The colors, the architectural design was just very alluring.

Hope this post makes you curious enough to go and visit these places and enjoy the cultural experience our Jeddah is offering us right now. The exhibition at Ayyam gallery ends on 28th of February and the exhibition at Gold Moor center ends around 4th of April.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY: Face Scrub

I dont want to sound like the typical old trumpet or want to write the same old cliche, but sadly its the truth and here it goes. Being a mom of two kids ( i know how typical) i usually dont get the time or have the energy or sometimes its just not my priority looking after myself. Sometimes changing my clothes and taking an uninterrupted  long (15 min) hot shower seems like the biggest luxury of my current life.

But i do like my skin better when its taken care of.  these days i dont get the time to go to a Saloon and get a facial. well there are a number of things hindering that.

  1. No. 1 being that it kinda gets a bit expensive if i keep an appointment for every week. As much as i would enjoy it.its just not feasible for me.
  2. Its hard taking time out. I know i can if i want to. But i rather do something else
So, with the above mentioned. I still try to some pampering that is not expensive. does not take up much of my time. AND give me good results.

Here are some of the things i like to do to keep myself from looking like  the crypt keeper.

Homemade Exfoliating Scrubs:

Lemon, Sugar and Cinnamon Scrubs: I usually use this scrubs, while I am in the kitchen making a vinegrate for a salad.
  •  Just cut up a lemon, Squeeze all the juice out but dont throw the skin. 
  • Take some sugar and put a little cinnamon in it.
  •  Dip the lemon in it and rub around your face. You can use brown sugar if you want. 
  • The sugar exfoliates, the lemon lightens the skin and the cinnamon give off a really nice aroma.
  •  When u have exfoliated for 5 min. Just let it sit on your face for 5 more min. Then wash with cold water. If u have acne just add a little honey in the mixture.

Baking Soda:

 This a Miracle powder I tell ya. It has so many uses. You can jump of here and see for yourself. I use it as an Exfoliate, tooth whitener, deodorant and  for cleaning my kitchen. But we are talking about face wash here. So here is how we go about it.
  •  Just take a very little amount, 1 tsp in your palm. 
  • Put a few drop of water or if your skin is really dry like mine some olive oil to make a paste.
  •  Rub it on your face in circle avoiding the under eye area. 1-2 min. 
  • Wash and moisturize.
  •  If u have dry skin dont do this for more than once a week. I put milk on my face afterwards as a toner to soothe my skin.
Apart from that i do use the trustee old  Saint Ives. I love this scrub and have been using it since my teens. good for a weekly scrub on the face and an overall body scrubs. Smells good, works well.
I love the Body Shop Tea Tree oil range when my skin in not doing so well and is breaking out. I usually use its scrub, bleminsh cream and cleansing foam.. You can buy a sample kit before buying the full range.

Have a happy healthy Skin people.