Sunday, April 6, 2014

Out and About: Jeddah Pepsi Street Art

Jeddah hosted yet another art event after the Jeddah art week called Pepsi street art. What made this event even more interesting was the sponsor which was Pepsi and people who know me can tell the affair I and Pepsi share ;). And you can know more about my art appreciation love here . So this event was a match made in heaven. Pepsi started this street art campaign for the football World Cup 2014. They brought together world renowned photographers, street artists and footballers to create interesting collage murals. To learn more about it read this article.

The event was organized by the 21,39 at Gold Moore, Souq Shatee and Dhad family. Dhad family are Saudi graffiti artists who also own the 1st Graffiti store in the whole of Saudi Arabia, where you can get everything and anything you need for Graffiti . So it was given that the event was going to be full of fun, energy and excitement. You can find the DHAD Store on facebook. Their website.

At the events the walls were covered in Graffiti style banners in the traditional Pepsi colors that are red, blue and white. Music was in the air and an overall happy feel in the environment. There were two artists doing Graffiti on a big wall. When I went, they were half way and it was looking great already, so I am pretty sure the final display must have been incredible. Two tables on opposite walls were surrounded by people having there souvenirs hand painted as well as other sport item that they wanted to have customized for themselves and also having there pictures taken and getting funny doodles and props drawn on them. Children as well as adults were getting first hand football tricks experiences.

Paul's was there to entertain people with their delicious delicatessens and coffee. And since it was a Pepsi event, how can you not have a Pepsi fridge full of the mega size Pepsi tins.

The most thing that I enjoyed in the whole evening was looking at the people in the event and how much they were enjoying it. There was this happy creative buzz in the air that was making every one joyous and energized. There was a slogan that said "Live for now" and it seemed everyone was living the moment at the event. We hope to enjoy more such moments and events in the future.

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