Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jeddah, Love it!!!! Part 1

My first time around in KSA was spent in Riyadh and Jeddah. The part in Riyadh was not that much and we were too young to remember. But i do remember Jeddah. I Love Jeddah. I dont know why??? Maybe because i spent my happy childhood there. Maybe because all my memories are from Jeddah. or just simply put Jeddah is the best. I mean the BEST. dont get me wrong I really like Khobar as well. But I am IN love with Jeddah. Its colorful, its loud, crowded, overflowing with cars, and the roads are narrow but i still love it. I love the Malls, i love the street Fashion, I love the eatries, basically i love the fact of having sooooooo many choices.

I was there a couple of days ago. I planned to stay there longer but my trip was cut short by someone's lack of planing skills. I wont name the someones's name. But I am free to say anything about my better half if no names are named. hehehe

Anyways, whenever i go to Jeddah since my first exit from KSA i have some rituals. I visit all the places that have special meaning for me. Like the place i grew up. The mall that was near my house. Go to corniche in sunlight. eat shawarma at the old place, see my school. Its after all that i normally do all the new stuff. But unfortunately this time it was a little different. I couldnt get to my rituals and just did the fun stuff this time. Here some of the pics

Flying car near corniche

Old building in Balad (restored)

Another old building

LAnterns, they look lovely at night

A masjid near Balad

A Ship themed restaurant(under construction)

never what it is. near Tahlia

Coming soon more posts of Jeddah at its best.

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  1. ooohh wow! that flying car just awesome! does it really fly lol