Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bakery Review

I am a Big Big dessert fan. It dont care what it is Pastries, Doughnuts, cakes, i will have anything with sugar in it. So a friend of ours took us to bakery here in Khobar. From the outside it didnt look much like a bakery but a restaurant. Le Gourmet is the name. But it was really really good.

They had a wide variety of things there


Different kinds of chocolate and candies, Very tasty

miniture pastries, big ones as well. forgot to take the pic of it as i was really busy deciding which one to dig my teeth into. sorry


Some delicacies like salmon and other processed and preserved meats

The cigar shop was located on the entrance of the bakery. but can be good gift for someone who are into cigar along with a delicious pastry.

Overall the cakes and pastries were finger licking good. Would go there as many times my husband will give into my pleadings.

The LeGourmet bakery is in Jeddah as well, on Tahlia Road.

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