Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's called negative journalism

I wasnt going to post anything in between my Jeddah posting, but i just had to. I really really get angry when I see the media trying to play with our minds with negative journalism. I hate it actually. I mean this is the second time I have seen MSN reporting news in kind of a really bad light. The first time was here. I dont even know if the news about KSA was even true or not. I mean in journalism its all about the headline insnt it?? (not a journalist so i dont know for sure) . Most of us read the headlines. Some of us will go on to read the news and but just a few of us willl actaully understand that their actually is no relation of the heaadline to the story.o So most of us will make an opinion based on that headline. For example. today i saw this headline on my MSN page WHAT'S IT'S LIKE TO HAVE CHILD IMPRISONED IN IRAN? what would be your first thought about this. OH! they really are barbarians, imprisoning children , OH GOD!!! or something on the same lines. But indulge me and click here to read the full story about the CHILD aging 31, 28, 28. Since when are we calling middle aged people CHILD. yes the story is a little sad as these hickers were captured for no apparent or told reasons but please have the headline say what the story actually is.

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