Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jeddah, Part 2 AL-Feroze

We LOVE to eat. and more than anything i LOOVE to eat out. One of the places i always go to when in Jeddah is FEROZE. Its a Turkish restaurant. Its not expensive. And its really reall good.
It has three branches in Jeddah that i know of. One of them is on Heraa Street towards cornich.
Other restautrants i love to go which caters to my Labanese and Turkish taste buds are

AL-Wazzan (available in Khobar as well)
Khayal (Labanese)

All these restaurants are reasonably priced and lovely to eat at. They taste good and are light on the wallet as well.

Feroze has a long list to choose from.
I love the bread they serve, But ask them to bring it fresh.

I am a Kabab lover, but their grill is equally tasty.

If you ever visit, do try their sizzler.

Iron, they used to serve bigger glasses. But maybe the recession is getting to them as well.

Anyways, Its a fun and fullfilling expereince. Do enjoy with your family.

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  1. I didn't visit this kind of resturant and didn't eat such a food, nice info, I will try to visit it sometime.