Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Something New

hello there...
Ivisit many many blogs. If u r looking at my blog list , well its kinda not completley updated. But i am getting to it. I got so impressed by all the cute designs and pretty blogs out there, that i was feeling quite sad for mine. So i started a search for free blog backgrounds and design and all that stuff. I thought it would be diffficult to find these things, i mean Why would anybody give out free stuff????, even nice pretty very very cute stuff. But to my knowlegede the world is full of generous ppl.

So in the spirit of passing on generosity I am posting the links i got my stuff from. This is not the final look but for now i am happy to see some color.

I got the background from here.

I got my header from here.

And i got a whole list of free giving blogging sites from this one.

I am trying to find a design that can give a desi and modern touch at the same time. so wish me luck .

Happy days.

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