Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Reviews

I was really really exicited today. If you dont remember, the Jewellery Exibition at the Dhahran Exibition International Center started yesterday I talked about it here on a previous post. I was really looking forward to it, as the description of it named a lot of things that were goign to be there. But I am sorry to say that it turned out to be a little disappointing for me. Why???? well becasue i am not a filthy rich, diamond buying (eyeing maybe, dreaming surely), person and that is what they all had. I mean dont get me wrong, The jewellery on display was exquisite. My eyes popping out beautiful. No words to describe for pretty. But it was really expensive. Yes if u are into diamonds and can afford to buy them you are in luck because most of them are having special offers and have almost upto 50% off on many items. And you still have time uptill 28 of May. But other then diamonds they didnt have much. One stall of silver jewellery and one stall of Indian gold plated jewellery with semi precious stones in them. Thats It. One more thing dont take your kids under the age of 16 with you because they are not allowed inside for this exibit. If you have someone to look after them, you can leave them outside the Exibition Halls, But thats a chance because its hot out there. No photographs because they didnt let me take any. One thing I used to dislike and now I am starting to hate about KSA. Photographs restrictions, I dont get it. Just dont.

Anyways, I promised two reviews, so this is the second one but unfortunately this is one is not a very good one either. After the exibition we went out to dinner, a farewell dinner for my in-laws. We went to the corniche on the CORNICHE AVENUE. It comes after Kudo and before SEEF (by the way there is somesort of Exibit there as well but i dont know what about because everyhting was wriiten in Arabic and you know about me and arabic from here). The Avenue has six restuarants in it, One of them is a Labanese one AL-BALAD

I liked the location of it, as it is first of the restaurants. It has a rustic entrance, but the thing that I liked the most was the signs on the washrooms there. The WC are located at the start of the restaurant before entering in the main hall. This was the sign on the Ladies one.

And this was the one on the Male one. I am thinkingof copying them and putting them on my own WC's. wont they look nice??

Anyways, Enter the main hall. the ambiance was nice and clean. The servers were friendly, the filipino or indonesian ones at least. But the locals not that much. The menu was in Arabic and in English. But the problem I faced with this one was that many of the names of the dishes were traditional names and not self explainatory. So I had to stick with the only choices I could understand. I do like to explore food alot but not with company. Anyways the food tasted fine. The Grill was really good. I havent had really soft and juicy kababs or grill like this one. Taste wise they were fine. The quantity of the food as compared to the price was not much. If you are willing to spend around Sr.250 for 2-3 people then you can try this restaurant otherwise wait for my next restaurant review.
I loved the fresh bread, it look so pretty.

This is Al-Balad Shrimps from the starters cold section. It was good.

Fattoush. My mother-in-law really liked this.


MIX Grill. the grill in under the bread. Good.

Overall I was not impressed with the Restuarant. The food was OK but the price was too much for it.


  1. We've been exposed to so much Arab food that we really have become quite picky when it comes to the good placed. I've seen Balad myself, driving around the corniche, but never actually stopped by to eat.

    It's usually the bread that makes or breaks these places and Balad seems to be doing a good job of it (though I havent tasted it!). I might stop by at some point as well :) Thanks for letting us know about it :)