Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IS Boycotting FACEBOOK the Answer?

Muslims these days are being targeted EVERYWhere, whether its the news, standup comedians, Movies, or Facebook . I dont blame them, I dont blame them at all. First of all a non-muslims does not know what ISLAM is. What are its teachings? What it really is about. He or She will know ISlam through a Muslim they know, the muslims they meet in schools or malls, office place or the internet. But what kind of Muslims are they meeting these days???

We say we are Muslims( myself included) and then we say only strict muslims dont shake hands with non-mahrams. We say we are Muslims, and then lie in a blink of an eye and say little white lies that dont harm anybody are ok. We say we are Muslims, and make promises we never meant to keep in the first place. We say we are Muslims, and meet people with malice in our hearts. We say we are Muslims, and burn tyres on streets, make protests destroying properties of our mulims fellows and other civillinas on the issue of disrespect of Muhammed (P.B.U.H) which is done by non-muslims, who by the way dont know any better ( and learn a little more about us when they see us burning and swearing on the news).

But dont you think that, what we do as Muslims, disobeying Muhammed and Allah on every step in our life is Disrespecting him even more??????? What has given the non-muslims the right to disrespect our reilgion and our prophet??? Dont you think its US???? Dont you think by not practicing what we preach WE are ourselves mocking our religion????

There is a page on Facebook. you will find it here. This is causing many of my friends to deacvtivate their accounts on facebook. I dont think that the authorities will know the difference. My husbands says otherwise. He thinks it will, because they earn money from the clicks we do on the advertisements. I dont know. But taking an action is important. I think reporting it as abusive should do the trick. The important thing is we do take an action.

But is it the Final solution? Do you think this the last page they will create?? Dont you think its more important that we take action in being better muslims, we from our actions show the world what Islam is about. We from our doings show how generous, gentle and giving Islam is.

I know the post has become a little preachy. But i am Not ashamed or embarassed. I am doing this for me. Maybe putting in writting will make me strive more to be a better person and ultimately a better Muslims.

May Allah be with us always.


  1. Agreed. We need to buildup our characters practically to stop this fuss once and for all.

  2. oh baji.....thankyou so much for this post! i wz so confused abt my come back to FB but u convinced me and helped me greatly with this post :)