Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chronicles from Jeddah---Breakfast Anyone??

There aren't lots of activities that you could do in Saudi Arabia, especially if 1) you are a woman 2) living on your own....but most of the time I am ok with it because i believe in "Live in Rome as the Romans do".
Anyways, two to do things that I see the abundance of and personally enjoy alot are SHOPPING(should have guessed it) and Eating out. Eating out in Saudi Arabia especially in Jeddah is a Fun experience. You can find the best deals under 10 Riyals. And you can have the best ambiance and dinning environment you can imagine at the price you can imagine (ALOT). Anyways, In Jeddah you will find every cusine there is around the world. And being a desi and more accurately a lahori ( ppl from lahore) I cannot resist what Jeddah have to offer in this sector!!!

So me and a collegeue of mine have started going out every thursday to try different breakfast places. And I would say we are discovering some favorite & some completely no no place :)!!!

Few weeks back we went to a place called "The Crepe Cafe" in Star Avenue. I specifically went there because on thier menu it says they have pancakes and i loveeeeeee pancakes but sadly upon arrival there what did they tell me !!!! "WE DONT SERVE PANCAKES AND WAFFLES!!".I was like but it says here that you have so many kind of pancakes but there answer still remained the same!! I would say that it was bit of a blow for my taste buds that were already getting ready to taste some maple syrup and soft spongy pancakes, But the name Nutella crepe on the menu just saved the restaurant a huge NO NO review.

Thursdays are family day so be prepared to see some cute babies in the place but also get your ears ready to hear shrieks and yellings of the same cute babies who will not seem too cute anymore.

Now WHY would you put up a scrumcious picture of pancakes when you know you aren't serving them :S!!!

My healthy ;) breakfast....nutella was quite yummy..but could have been yummier if it was served i could get more melted chochlate...ummm yummmm!!!

Iced coffee which is nice!! especially for a sunny warm Jeddah morning :)!!!

My strawberry smoothie.....somthing I did not like much!! it just had a funny taste...or atleast it wasn't sitting well with my taste buds !!!

My friend's philly cheese crepe. In her own words it was quite nice with spring onions and melted cheese....only if they wouldn't have taken half an hour to serve it , we might have gone there another time!!!

Ummm.. overall a good place with nice decor, good ambiance, an ok food ...nothing that you must have to Have as soon as you think of it!!! Rest is for you guys to check it urself.....
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