Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Out And About: Jeddah's Fashion Scene

Here is a  quick post about an Abaya exhibition being held at Libra boutique located at Abdul Maqsoud Khoja road, across Munch bakery, Al Rowda district.

 We learnt about it via Destination Jeddah's page on Facebook, since they are the sponsors of the event. You can read the detailed review of the exhibition with the intro to the designers here. The event is called "Abayah Fashion Days" . It was launched in the first week of February and the exhibition continues till March 21st.

 Our love for Abayah's and especially less conventional style one's might be evident for you through some of our previous posts, so visiting this place was a must for us. The boutique, owned by Rana Ismail, showcases the work of 12 local and international designers. The layout of the boutique was very welcoming and had some very interesting displays. The collections varies from everyday Abayas to more of some formal looking Abayas thus, allowing you to shop under one roof.


In addition to the Abayas, the boutique offered some casual to semi formal clothing attire as well. Accessories including bracelets, wrist bands, hair bands , rings,jeweled collars, beautiful long necklaces and shoes that were quite different and bold in their designs. The boutique also housed some designer lamps. Pretty.

The boutique has a little restaurant at the top floor as well. The sales assistant was helpful and not nagging at all, a very big plus in us desi's book. 

If you are looking for some statement fashion pieces to go in your wardrobe for the coming season you know where to head now!!

As they are designer everything, they did had a hefty price tag with them. But dont be discouraged by that If thats not your cup of tea. Show up and support the fashion scene in Jeddah. Its a part of our education. Be inspired by the work of others. Get ideas of what's In and what's not and most Importantly SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.


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