Monday, March 3, 2014

Eating Out: CooKShop, Jeddah

Ok people, its been a long time since a restaurant review has been done in the blog. You might be seeing a couple of them making their way in this month or so. As the sisters are together we are hoping around some of the new places popping up on Jeddah's long list of amazing eateries.

So, the first place we went is the CookShop. CookShop is originally a Turkish restaurant. But don't get fooled by that cause its menu has a wide variety of food from Istanbul kebab to grilled salmon on Asian noodles (which we highly recommend). The restaurant is located at the end of Tahlia street, Astra Center. It is situated at the back nestled among many other eateries. On entering we were greeted by what looked like the owner of the restaurant. On our first visit I thought that was a mere coincidence but, it happened every time we went there. It gave us the feeling of how committed they were to the restaurant. The restaurant itself is decorated in a very modern yet homey style. We loved how they paired the hard wood dinning tables with mismatched upholstered chairs. The little nick nacks on the shelves, the mirrors, the glass floors added to the simple beauty of the place.

They have a wide variety of food selection. Salads, soups, appetizer, mains, desserts and drinks. We loved the way they had their menu. Their menu had little trivia info about little things like the origin of dinning tables and kitchen appliances etc. It was fun to read and  a good time pass until the delicious food arrived. The taste is great and price is reasonable. Match made in heaven for the desi's in the Arab land. One more thing that they had which was interesting was that they were asking for new recipes from their customers which on testing can be added to their official menu. So all the budding cooks, here's your chance.



CookShop recently launched their breakfast menu as well and sadly as much as we love the restaurant and their food, we were not big fans of their breakfast. It offers a reasonable variety of omelets and toasts and two breakfast platters but for us it just wasn't the same or up to the mark as the rest of their menu.

One more thing we want to add. We love the team they have. Yes, we said LOVE and we mean it. Why we love them you ask? When we first went to the restaurant my daughter got a little sick. By little sick I mean vomiting on everything sick. The food attendants their never flinched but rushed to help us. Even knocking the hell of the men W.C door cause somebody was in there and my daughter was out there vomiting. They were so helpful I could not thank them enough.

Hope you will give the restaurant a try and love it as much as we did. Its already our go to place.

You can find a map to CookShop from Jeddahfood.


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