Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Out And About: Jeddah And Sail Island

Whenever we are in Jeddah, we have a list of some must visit places. Sail Island is one of those places. We have been going there for a couple of years now and my kids haven't gotten bored of this one yet. My elder one who is 6yrs, have been coming here for the past 4yrs and the new addition  enjoyed it alot as well.
Sail island is on the corniche, just behind the cars stuck in the block roundabout. Its just before Balejio, and after Attallah happy land. If you cross the happy land you will its sails at the far back toward the sea. Hope it helps.
Anyhow, its a paid entrance, 50sr for adults and 40sr for kids. But the adults tickets can be redeemed for the food inside.
When we came to Jeddah this time around I was assuming as its a bit chilly we would not be making this trip, but Jeddah proved me wrong. After having a lovely lovely, breezy last week of February, bam out came the sun and the heat was, I wouldn't say blast on, but enough to make a trip for a swim.
Jeddah's weather being Jeddah's weather, the day we decided to go to sail island, the sun didn't show up. But it was ok so we went along. We went there around 4pm so there was nobody but us and a friend's family we invited there. Having Sail Island all to ourselves is a rare happening.Its a big place but it is normally full in the summers.We would not recommend going there in the holiday season cause its jammed pack then. Its hard to get a seat even though they have ALOT of seating area.
The timing is from 4pm-10pm.

They have 3 pools for different age groups, ranging from 1 1/2-12. The water is clean and they have many kinds of play things for the kids there. They have life guards there as well. They have one for the little ones and one for the older kids. They don't let the parents or helper get into the water. So if your little ones  are clingy attention seekers yelling look at me have a little separation anxiety like mine you would be walking around the pool a lot.

Ususally they don't allow to take photograph, mostly because to protect the children I think, but cause there were no other kids that day. They didn't stop us from taking theses ones. They ask the kids to be in proper swimming attire and no diapers. You can find swimming diapers for the little ones from BOOTS in Jeddah. The island has a lot of seating area, a shop, banquet area, a sand pit, prayer area and a place where you can shower off your kids once they are done playing in the pools.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of food and drinks. They even serve Sheeha which I am skeptical about cause this place is solely made for kids and with kids running around and having Sheesha's all over the place, accidents are just waiting to happen. And even though they have life guards there for the kids, they don't have a doctor or someone who can give first aid. My suggestion would be to chuck the sheesha out and get a doctor in the house.

 But all in all its a place we will keep on going to for a long long time. Cause my kids love going there. Its a fun place for families, for girlfriends to take there kids to, sit back and relax (just keep an eye on the sheehas) and  let the kids have some fun. Hope you will give it a try and love it as much as we did. Do share your stories with us.

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