Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadan Activity # 4

Last year back in Pakistan in my city a toy drive was held. I really wanted to contribute to it but it wasn't possible cause I was here in Khobar and the drive was kinda being held really really far away. So I thought to myself that In Shaa Allah next year in Ramadan I will try doing something like this in Khobar or wherever I will be at. Let me tell  you before we get on any further that I am a BIG time introvert. Talking to ppl, not my thing. So doing it on my own was a downhill from the beginning.

So around comes Ramadan, and I still hadn't figured out how I will be doing a toy drive. I tried to find  an orphanage in Khobar through internet but I was not at all successful. I know there are two of them in Khobar Dammam area. But that's about it. I even contacted one through their website but I didn't get any reply. Anyway, so I was quite disheartened by my lack of success. But Allah really is very merciful and Kareem. I mean I wanted a toy drive, He sent one to me of all the places I never would have thought of looking, The Mall.

Yeah, a local organization has arranged for a toy drive for the orphans in  Mall Of Dhahran.

So, today's activity was centered around giving. We sorted the toys from our house. We kept the ones my son was still playing with. The rest were given into charity. We made sure that we were giving only clean and fully functional toys. We also bought some new toys from the money that was collected in the Sadaqa jar we made earlier.

The stalls were beautifully decorated and the people working there were really nice, helpful and polite.




Lessons learned:

Social and moral skills:
  •  We talked about who orphans are, and why they need our help.
  • We talked about giving from what Allah has given us.
  • We learned that we give to fellow brothers, what we like for ourselves (cause few scratched, dented and missing tire cars were making their way in the charity bags, hmmm,)
The toy drive will last till the 20 of Ramadan. So make your way towards Gate no 5.

Take care
Happy Ramadan