Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can this be True????

A few weeks ago i saw a really small headline on the msn homepage which was quite shocking to me. I didnt post it earlier because i was a little confused as to if i should post it or not. I am still confused but I am posting it anyways. The original article is here. The article states that London Times is reporting that the SAUDIS CLEAR ISRAEL TO BOMB IRAN.

Really can this be true? i am still trying to put my mind around it. If it is True how can the saudi do it. I mean ISRAEL really. Isnt Palestine enough. Isnt Iraq enough. Isnt Afghanistan enough. Isnt Kashmir enough. Do we really need more beheaded children photos in our inboxes. or do these photos not reach the people runnig the countries or do they not care cause its not their kid, sister, mother or father cut into half. I mean why the muslim countries are not standing with each other, even in this time and age why are the muslims against muslims, Whatver our differences maybe.

I really am quite disturbed over the news and i am hoping and praying that its false.

May allah be with us

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  1. I just found your blog.

    It's truly enlightening. I also wish that people would stand side by side in peace.