Friday, April 23, 2010

Neither here nor there

Growing up in Saudia Arab we were always aware that we will have to leave the place we call our home someday. The reasons were many Higher Education, loss of job, ppl at the iqama renewal place deciding that they dont want to renew our iqama or just the fact that this was, even after living for 25 year, not our home. I am one of the ppl who lived here all my life but had to go back to my mainland for studies got married there and now i am back cuz of my husbands job in KSA with the same insecurities as before. After going from KSA it was really hard for me to readjust. evrything was different. The environment, the culture, the expectations. It took me and my family quite sometime to partially adjust, not totally. and even that was because we knew that there was no going back. i really never could understand this policy of the saudi government and still dont. I had decided at that time that even though i love the country i grew up in I would never settle and raise a family there. I never had a sense of belonging. I knew my Homeland was mine cuz thats the nationality on my passport and i am proud of that but i never belonged or was totally accepted in the place i spent my whole life in. I never wanted my children to face the rejection, the depression or the hurt one feels leaving there home, the home where all there childhood memories are, a place one cannot visit without a particular visa(with as many conditions as a person can imagine). But God had other plans.

Half of my family is here. Me and my sister(co-author of this blog) and we have decided that this time we are going to really live here like a tourist. Enjoy what KSA has to offer. Taking you along on our roller coaster ride.

Hopefully U will enjoy.

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